Saturday, 5 April 2008

Updating how you store your information

I have recently treated myself to a new computer.
I decided from the outset that I had a lot of information on my old desktop which I no longer needed.
I also have become increasingly aware as to how poorly some of my sources have been documented.
I decide to start from scratch entering everyone from the beginning. This proved to be a slow task and I wanted to speed it up a little.
Family Historian has a great facility to compare gedcom files and then merge them after checking.
I decided to start with a group of people with links to certain sources. Unfortunately even this small group took longer than I thought and I have been left with a larger file which I am gradually trying to ensure contains the correct source citations.
I know I will get ther eventually and the final result will be much better organised.
I just think I will need a great deal of patience.
When I have finished I will let you know how I organised everything.
Bye for now