Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Face to Face

Having read Dick Eastman's blog regarding a talk given by someone on the other side of the globe
it set me to thinking about what we get if we attend Family History conferences/fairs.

The big show inthe UK is Who Do You Think You Are which includes talks if you can get a ticket.
I have not attended this but have been to the Hampshire Genealogical Society Annual Meeting and listened to someone speaking about how to get organised and what happens to your research after you have gone.

These talks can be very informative but do we get more out of these events than just someone giving us information.

My uncle has been tracing his part of the tree for many years. He also has at least one Victorian Magic Lantern and a large number of slides and has done a number of shows in various places.
Some of these places are in areas where our ancestors lived and he has been known to use these opportunities to talk to some of the locals who know the area.

I would therefore surmise that we may get more from these get togethers than we might think and that it is well worth attending local events to get a taste of the area.

Who knows you might even meet up with a distant cousin!