Monday, 4 March 2019

RootTech Salt Lake City Review

A Review from Afar and Why you should come to RootsTech London

When it was announced that RootsTech was coming to London this October I made the decision that this year I would watch from home and post on Facebook and Twitter during the conference.

How about you join me in London in October you can register here, then maybe you can see one of these.

Last year I had a busy week at RootsTech and made lots of memories before, during and after the conference. One place I can recommend is a restaurant/bar called Zest, if you have allergies or dietary restrictions it is the place to go, and where I ate 3 times last year.  

But it is not just the great food that I missed this year. I love the interaction with other genealogists making new friends and catching up with old ones.

Last year the rooms and hallways in the conference centre were full and crowded. From what others have said this year with a smaller attendance and larger rooms these problems were hopefully eliminated.

There is a lovely video review available here
Or if you would like to read the daily blog reviews take a look here.

If you missed any of the live-streamed videos they are available here.
You can purchase a virtual pass for other recorded sessions here.

My 2 favourite sessions of those I managed to see this year were Myko Clelland's Uncovering Family Stories with British and Irish Historic Newspapers and Janet Horvorka's Heirloom, Documentation or Junk: What to Keep or Toss.

The older we get the more we need to think about what others will do with what we have collected and will they be able to access the important information. Creating the stories to pass on to the next generation, those things that they will treasure, because they have particular importance to the family.

The older generation may not be here as long as you may think and with them go those unrecorded memories. Particularly relevant to me as I know what it is to no longer have parents to ask about their experiences, and even their siblings are going, soon I will be the older generation.

I hope to share more about my visit to Salt Lake Last Year and hope it will "whet your appetite" for this year's RootsTech event in London.