Sunday, 5 October 2008

Those things we find by accident!

After reading Vicky's Blog at
I decided to add my own comment.
As some of you will know one of my best discoveries was when I checked out a settlement examination at Southampton Archives.
The first page told me very little. When it refered me to another page that was where I struck gold.
I had initially contacted the archives as I was after more information about the parents of Stephen Richard Buckle. They couldn't find any bastardy records but they mentioned the settlement examination.
To cut a long story short the second page revealed that Louisa's parents had married in Jersey but on returning to England and after Louisa was born her father's wife and children turned up.
Her mother later married in Titchfield and the marriage showed her maiden name and lead to my BUCKETT and WAITE research. (see my second post of 2007)