Sunday, 19 November 2017

Do You Have A Story To Tell?

RootsTech 2018 Photo+Story Competition

Last Thursday RootsTech announced a competition that almost anyone 18 or over can enter. 
All you need is a photograph and an accompanying story. 
You can find a copy of the rules here.

This is the convention centre where RootsTech is held in Salt Lake City.

Want to see some examples and submit your entry then follow this link

Even if you don't enter, have fun looking through those photographs and remembering why you still have them, and record the memories, each one evokes, whilst you can.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

We have a Winner!

And the winner is ...

Before I announce who won the free RootsTech 2018 registration can I say a big Thank You to Pat Richley Erickson (aka Dear MYRTLE) and Russ Worthington (aka Cousin Russ) for allowing me to mention my contest on the hangouts that they host.

Russ was kind enough to pick a number on Mondays with Myrt and the winner has been contacted.

I asked each entrant to provide a paragraph or sentence saying how genealogy can make you feel more connected.

Here is the comment made by the winner 
"I have made connections with second cousins that I never knew existed before I started working on my genealogy and submitting DNA"

She has recently started blogging on her website and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists she was welcomed to the Geneabloggers Tribe on 30 October. Congratulations Robbin M Smith.