Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Plan of action for Genealogy Do Over

Like many others I have found that the organisation can take over the whole process. 

So here is my plan of action.

  • I am starting a tree from scratch putting in the family I know. 
  • Then I will add the information from close family. 
  • The documents that I have for these individuals comes next. 
  • Then to set up research goals in a log. 
  • Using a research log is my biggest challenge. 
  • If I know when and where I found a record that I already have, I will document it in my research log, to avoid having to repeat the work.
  • Certificates and digital images are dated and I started to date the notes from research trips. 
  • Some of the early stage work which cannot be reproduced like family interviews I will have to give an approximate date. 
  • I have finally decided on a system that I hope will work but I have changed the way I am going to implement the system. 
  • Create the files as I add the information to the tree. 
  • Import the things I need to into the new system and discard the duplicate (but only when I am sure that I have a backup). 
  • Back up the new tree as I build.
Before I started to reorganise my Genealogy I had lots of duplicates on my computer. I hope that I will reduce these by removing all copies other than the original and any enhanced copy. I scan images in tif format but they are easier to upload as jpeg so keeping the original and a copy as a jpeg in my project file should work.

I have decided on a system that will help with citations. Digital images will be stored based on their provenance. I hope to have everything in a digital format as physical items can be photographed if not scanned. My physical archive will consist of originals and anything I want as a physical backup. This should eventually reduce the amount of storage space needed.

Online and local backup of everything is essential and how I do this will need to be reviewed regularly.

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arkessian said...

This sounds similar to the process I'm planning to follow.. when I can make the time! Have to finish the next release of GenQuiry (if only for my use) and revamp my website as I plan to use that as a log/worked example of how (and how not!) to do things as well as a means of publishing my results.