Friday, 31 July 2015

Week 5 Cycle 3 Genealogy Research Toolbox

Sitting in my mailbox when I got home today was the email from Thomas MacEntee about the tools for genealogy.

When I got a new desktop computer I did not have a spare copy of Microsoft Office so I decided I did not need it. 
I would use Google Docs more and if I do not want to upload something I use Open Office, which I installed for free. 

I have started to use the ability to add links to webpages. 
I think that for this week's task of building a genealogy toolbox this will make it so much easier and I will be able to ditch most of the browser bookmarks. 

I have started a new Google Sheet for this and have a tab for each topic as listed in the example given by Thomas MacEntee. I will add in the resources I use for my research, which may differ from those he uses, due to the concentration on English rather than US research.

Eventually I hope to combine as much of the online sheets I have created for genealogy as possible provided they do not create an unwieldy document.

Some researchers may find it easier to use Evernote to create their Toolbox. 
I am trying to consolidate what I use and have not yet got into the habit of using Evernote to store my links. 
I may change my mind but my lists should be easy to move if I need to at some later date.

What do you use? 

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